Best practices for Opcity Title Partner Leads

As a title services partner with Opcity, you have real-time information on consumer actions in the home buying process.  Seconds after we connect a consumer to an agent and/or loan officer, we send you a team introduction email that includes the contact information of all the parties involved. Rather than wait until a consumer has placed a contract on a property, we recommend you start building the relationship with both the agent and the consumer as soon as you receive that information. 

First we recommend reaching out to the agent via text or phone call so they know you are available to actively support this deal and that you will be a reliable partner to them. Ask them any relevant questions about the client as they have already spoken to them. After you connect with the agent, send a short text to the consumer to introduce yourself and set up a time to speak. 

Many consumers who submit home inquiries online are first time buyers or sellers and may not be familiar with the closing process. Show them that you are available to act as a resource for them and will help them finalize the transaction. 

Following up with supporting emails is always great but don't solely rely on email to build a relationship.  Remember, you have valuable timely knowledge and you know that agent and consumer have their phones in their hands at the moment you receive the lead from Opcity.

Keys to Marketing Success with Opcity Leads

In contrast to other aspects of the home buying process, most clients do not understand they have a choice as to who provides their settlement service, much less that they need title insurance or representation during their purchase. By having a conversation with the client, you're empowering them to make an informed decision about where and how they spend their money.  Below are some helpful tips:

  • Text/call the consumer AND the agent as soon as you get the lead.  (Samples are below.)
  • Use email to support your text/calls but don't rely solely on what today is considered "snail mail." 
  • Written communication should be short, simple, and highly personalized. 

More Info: Templates for Introducing Yourself to Agents and Consumers