Can I refer a lead I received to another agent?

Reassignment of leads to other agents, within or outside of your brokerage, is not permitted.

Our algorithm is one of the main reasons that our platform is RESPA compliant. For this reason, we are unable to reassign leads from one agent to another agent. If you are unable to assist a client moving forward, you should release the lead via the Referral Manager.

To Release a Lead:

1. Log into the Referral Manager. Click on the client's name to view their "My Referral" profile.

2. Click "Release" at the bottom of the referral manager.

My Referral Release

Once on the Release page:

  1. Select a reason for releasing the lead.
  2. Hit the "Release to Opcity" bar at the bottom of the screen to finalize the release of the lead. Once released, if a lead has not been reassigned to another agent, it will appear under the "Released" tab of your dashboard.