How are Opcity leads assigned?

To fully explain the dispatch process, we will start by explaining Opcity's matching system.

It's this system that not only matches agents to available leads, but it also ranks you based on the following:

  • Location: lead's proximity to your preferred coverage area
  • Price Point: lead's price point falls within your selected price range
  • Languages Spoken
  • In-Town/Out-of-Town: agent history of working with buyers looking to relocate/ long-distance sales
  • Referral Manager History: agent history of keeping Referral Manager updated and moving existing leads through the pipeline

We send a lead alert via text or mobile push notification to the agent 1st in the queue. That agent has approximately 5 seconds to click-to-claim the lead alert before the 2nd agent receives a lead alert and can also click-to-claim the lead. 5 seconds later, another agent is alerted, and so on. 

Sometimes, you will click on a new lead alert in a second or two, and you will receive notice that the lead was already claimed. This is because the 1st agent in the queue is the only agent that has a lead exclusively to themselves.

Even if you don't "win" a lead, clicking-to-claim a lead alert still helps to improve your rankings because you're interacting with the system.

How do I improve my rankings?

To improve your ranking, keep your leads updated and move them through the pipeline when you reach new milestones. To increase the number of leads with which the algorithm can potentially match you, be sure to review your settings to confirm that your lead pool is as large as possible. We recommend increasing the size of your service area, re-enabling disabled zip codes, and broadening your price range settings. Click here for more information on utilizing your settings.