How are Opcity lender leads assigned?

Opcity uses a matching algorithm to dispatch leads to loan officers. The algorithm takes into consideration several factors when it pairs loan officers to a lead driven by available quota and market match.

When a lead has been screened by Opcity, the algorithm will send a lead alert via text message to the lender 1st in the queue. That lender has approximately seven seconds to click-to-claim the lead alert before the 2nd lender receives a lead alert who can also click-to-claim the lead. 7 seconds later, another lender is alerted, and so on. 

Sometimes, you will quickly click-to-claim, yet receive notice that the lead has been claimed by a different loan officer. This is because the 1st lender in the queue is the only loan officer that has a lead exclusively to themselves.

Opcity will keep the client on the phone while they attempt to connect the Live Transfer. If we're unable to connect to a loan officer or if the client does not have time to speak with a lender at the time, we will attempt to schedule an appointment. If successful, the system will alert the first loan officer in the original dispatch via text message. We refer to these specific situations as Warm Connections.