How do I change the method by which I receive notifications?

You can update the "Notification Mode" settings in the Referral Manager. The "Settings" page can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner on your desktop or the bottom right corner on your Opcity app.

​Here, you're able to update the following personal setting:

  • Notification Mode: Use this feature to change the method by which you receive notifications. You can choose to receive new lead alerts either via SMS/text message or via the Opcity mobile app. Please note that if you download and log into the Opcity mobile app, it will automatically adjust your preferences to receive push notification alerts via the app. 

Update Delivery Method

For Mobile Push Notifications, ensure that there is a check mark to the left of "Mobile Push Notification" and click 'Save'.

Notification Mode MPN

For SMS / Text Message, ensure that there is a check mark to the left of "SMS / Text Message" and click 'Save'.

We recommend that you save the short code number that we send the text from Short Code = 51679.When you save this as a contact, you can set a custom ringtone for Opcity Text Alerts.

Delivery Method SMS