How do I get more lender leads?

Lead volume is determined by the monthly quota level of your subscription. Quota fulfillment determines your order. The more quota you have to fulfill compared to the other lenders in the market (calculated throughout the day), the higher you are on the dispatch.

The live transfer alert is texted to the first loan officer and then every seven seconds or so, another loan officer is sent the text alert. The faster you click on the alert, the more likely you are to win that alert. The more live transfer alerts you click on, the more leads you can win.

The warm connection will be assigned to the loan officer who is first in the dispatch. If the lead is working with a real estate agent who has an affinity partner lender, that lender will receive the warm connection instead -provided that lender has available quota and are a market match.

Contact us if you would like to purchase more quota.

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