How do I notify Opcity if my client wants to use a different lender or settlement company?

To streamline the homebuying process for our clients, we often introduce them to lender and settlement partners in advance of agent introductions. Because there are many quality service providers to choose from, we encourage clients to shop around to determine if they are receiving the best possible rates and services.

If a client you're working with elects to use a different lender or settlement company, you can notify us of that change directly in the Referral Manager This feature will allow you to:

  • Specify the new partner (company and officer name)
  • Recommend that new partner to the Opcity Network if they’re not already a member
  • Tell us why your client did not choose the Opcity Network partner after their initial discussion
  • Share any additional feedback

To assign a new lending or settlement partner, click "Use another lender" or "Use another settlement company" on a client’s record in the referral manager.


On the next screen, confirm that the client is not using an Opcity Network partner and enter in the service provider's company name and loan or settlement officer name. You can then elect to recommend this company to the Opcity Network, and provide their email address.


 Lastly, we require that you select one or more reasons as to why your client chose to use another partner, enter in any additional notes, and click submit.


This new partner will now be listed under the Lender or Settlement Section on your client's record.