How do I place a lead on long term hold?

If a lead is not actively searching, long-term hold will keep the lead assigned to you, while not requiring the lead to be updated every seven days. 

At the bottom of the "My Referral" page for that lead, you will see a pause icon and in grey letters "Hold". Clicking this will take you to the "Long-Term Hold" page. 


Once on the "Long-Term Hold" screen:

  1. Select the amount of time you would like for the lead to be on hold.
  2. Provide additional notes as to why you're putting the lead on hold.
  3. Click the "Place on Long-Term Hold" bar, at the bottom of the screen, to finalize the hold request.


Once on hold, a lead will appear under the "Holding" tab of your dashboard and will automatically be reactivated when the hold period expires.