How do I receive lead alerts?

If you are an agent, you can receive new lead alerts via SMS/text message or via the Opcity mobile app. You can choose your preferred lead alert notification method in the "Notification Mode" settings in the Referral Manager.

We have two methods so that each agent can decide which option works best with their Mobile Device. The speed of delivery depends on the service plan, service provider, data plan, phone, and WiFi connection. On average, lead alerts are delivered 2-3 seconds faster via the Opcity mobile app versus SMS/text message.

You cannot receive lead alerts via both methods at once, you must chose one or the other.  

Update Delivery Method

For Mobile Push Notifications, ensure that there is a check mark to the left of "Mobile Push Notification" and click 'Save'.

Notification Mode MPN

For SMS / Text Message, ensure that there is a check mark to the left of "SMS / Text Message" and click 'Save'.

We recommend that you save the short code number that we send the text from Short Code = 51679.When you save this as a contact, you can set a custom ringtone for Opcity Text Alerts.

Delivery Method SMS