How do I stop getting leads for areas I don't cover?

If you are getting leads outside of your coverage area, you can update the "My Location" and "Disabled Zipcodes" settings in the Referral Manager. The "Settings" page can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner on your desktop or the bottom right corner on your Opcity app.

​Here, you're able to update the following personal settings:

  • My Location: Use this feature to set and reset your home base zip code and preferred coverage area. If the specific zip code you need is considered "Not Valid" by the system, you can submit a Support ticket that includes your preferred zip code by clicking here.
  • Disabled Zipcodes: Use this feature to opt out of zip codes that fall within your coverage area. We recommend using this feature for areas with which you are unfamiliar or are uncomfortable working.

Please keep in mind that our system measures distance "as a bird flies." This means that if you set your "Distance Willing to Travel" to be 30 miles, it will not measure out 30 miles of driving on winding roads, but rather, it will measure 30 miles in a straight line from Point A to Point B.