How do I stop working with a lead?

If you would like to discontinue working a lead, place that lead in a "No Longer Working" status.

First, select the lead you want to update from your lender portal dashboard. Click the blue "Edit" button to the right of the lead to be taken into that lead's account.

Once there, scroll down until you see the "Status" section of the lead's account, and click on the green "Update" button. Under "New Status," click on the dropdown menu, and select "No Longer Working" from the list of status options.

After adding notes or content into required fields, be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the screen to save the updates. Providing detailed information about why you are no longer working with the client will enable us to improve our service and the quality of leads we provide.

Not a lender? Click here for information on how to release a lead from the agent Referral Manager.