How do I update my settings?

The settings page can be accessed in the Referral Manager by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner on your desktop or the bottom right corner on your Opcity mobile app.

​Here, you are able to update the following personal settings:

  • Snooze Lead Alerts​: use if out of the office, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable to receive new leads. 
  • Do Not Disturb: use to set up your business hours for when you want to accept Opcity leads. Our call center operates from 7 AM CST to 11 PM CST, so you may want to opt out of receiving new leads during the early morning or late night.
  • Notification Mode : use to change the method by which you receive notifications. You can choose to receive new lead alerts either via SMS/text message or via the Opcity mobile app.
  • My Location : use to set and reset your home base zip code and preferred coverage area. If the specific zip code you need is considered "Not Valid" by the system, submit a Support ticket that includes your preferred zip code by clicking here.
  • Disabled Zipcodes : use to opt out of zip codes that fall within your coverage area.
  • Client Types: use to filter which types of leads you would like to receive. The options are: Buyer/Seller, Buyer, Seller, Investor, Lease/Other
  • Price Ranges: use to select that price ranges for which you would like to receive leads. Since limiting your price range can affect the volume of leads you could potentially receive, the system will inform you of the expected volume for the various range options.​
  • Property Types: use to opt out of receiving leads for land and mobile/manufactured homes. Keep in mind that agents, by default, are sent residential leads such as single-family homes, condos, and townhomes.

Settings that cannot be updated via the Referral Manager and that require you to submit a request via include:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Switching brokerages
  • Language preferences