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How to I update a lead in the Lender Portal?

Leads are updated by clicking the EDIT button in your portal pipeline, and then UPDATE.

From your Pipeline, click on the blue EDIT button


Once you are in the client file, click the green UPDATE button


Select the status and add a new note.


Only the Status is shared on the real estate portal unless you select "Pre-Qualified". Changing the status to "Pre-Qualified" will trigger an email to be sent to the real estate agent and client with the note you enter here.

Here's how the statuses should be used:

"NEW": All leads arrive here. Once you've spoken to a live transfer or reached out to a Warm Connection, move the lead out of this status.

"LONG TERM - READY FOR FOLLOWUP": These are leads that have completed the hold time frame you originally set in "LONG TERM HOLD" and are now opportunities to contact again.

"ACTIVELY PURSUING": All new leads should be in this status unless you've taken an application or moved them further along in the process.

"APPLICATION TAKEN": This status is used when you have received enough information to evaluate a client’s credit.

"PRE-QUALIFIED": This status means your lead is pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan.

"UNDER CONTRACT": This status is for leads that have been pre-approved for a loan amount and had an offer accepted.

"CLOSED": This status is for loans that have closed.

"LONG TERM HOLD": This status is for clients you do not need to proactively pursue. You will set a timer for the lead and when that expires, the lead will be automatically be moved to "LONG TERM - READY FOR FOLLOWUP."

"NO LONGER WORKING": This status remains the same.