I changed brokerages. How do I update my brokerage information?

If your brokerage is already on the Opcity Platform - please Contact Us - HERE to Partner Support.

In order to change the brokerage information we have on file, please provide the following information:

  1. Name of your Managing Broker
  2. Name of your brokerage
  3. Managing broker's phone number
  4. Managing Broker's Email
  5. Zip code of office

In addition, please let us know if there needs to be a:

  • Change in Email Address
  • Change in Phone Number

If your new brokerage is not currently enrolled in our program, we'll need to temporarily pause your account from being sent new lead alerts. You'll still be able to log into the Referral Manager and update any active leads that are currently assigned to you, and we do encourage you to do so. If you no longer wish to work with any active leads currently assigned to you, you can release the leads back to Opcity so that we can potentially get them reassigned to new agents.

To initiate the process of getting your new brokerage on board with our program, I would recommend you have your broker submit the broker access request form from our website. This is the fastest and most efficient way to get their information to our Business Development team, who will then be able to reach out at their earliest convenience with additional information on our program.