Why am I not receiving any lender leads?

If you are not receiving any live lead alerts, the first step is to check your settings to make sure your account isn't snoozed. If you're receiving neither live lead alerts nor warm connections, confirm with your manager that lead delivery is enabled for you.

If you have never received a text from Opcity, have your manager confirm that your cell phone number is correct in their manager's dashboard. If the number is correct, your service provider may be blocking our text code. We recommend that you call your provider to ask them to allow texts, including those with hyperlinks, from short code 51679. 

Lead volume will fluctuate based on time of day and days of the week, as well as how close your account is to hitting its quota. If you’ve confirmed that you are not receiving leads for a reason not listed above, please click here to submit a request for further assistance.

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