Live Transfer Leads - Text Followup Templates

Opcity makes a text introduction for all parties. This is a great way for you to also introduce yourself to the home buyer and the real estate agent.

Live transfer leads, follow up with a calendar invite for your next contact and send a quick text summary. They may continue to get calls from other mortgage companies. Make sure your name and company name is in front of them.

When your live transfer lead is later connected to the real estate agent, you will receive an email introduction. This represents when the two parties are speaking so a text to both at that moment in time is very important to remind everyone that you are already an established part of the process. For example:

Hi {Client & Agent}, So glad {Agent} will be helping your find the right home! He is an expert in the area. Has your time line changed? Are you looking at properties this weekend?

Also text the agent right away agent to provide inside information about the lead. If your lead could not get approved, pass along that information right away to build your relationship with the agent. For example:

Hi {Agent}, I see you're speaking to our mutual client {client name}. We're working on the pre-approval but it will take a little time. When are you showing homes?

If your lead is pre-approved let the agent know right away that step is already done and you are the client's preferred loan officer. For example:

Hi {Agent}, I see you're speaking to Mary. Call me when you're done talking to her so I can go over her pre-approval. It took a little time but we got a great structure she's really happy with.

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