Live Transfer - Phone Scripts

We work with leads that are looking for a 2nd quota and those that need to pre-qualified. You should have a prepared game plan for both of these lead types.

Always ask the lead or our Inside Sales Associates (ISA) if the lead is looking for a 2nd quota so you use the right approach.

Some leads may tell you that they are not ready to go through a full application process. Here is our recommended rebuttal:

I understand that you aren't ready to go through a full application and want to respect your time and mine. The coordinating service is looking for the best matching agent right now to connect you to… and when they call back the realtor is going to want to have some basic information from you in order to give you the details on this property and others in the area that match your search criteria. In order to get you those details, they will want to know your approximate budget... what you'd like your monthly payment to be. I can give you that information based on approximate taxes and insurance in the area, plus an estimated interest rate based on the information that you provide me. If you have about 5 minutes we can get some basic numbers together to provide the realtor when they call back, then once you get details on the property or maybe set up some searches and showings, we can circle back around and get the details for a full pre-approval so that you are ready to write a contract when you find the place that you like. Does that sound fair?