Overcoming customer objections when their desired listing isn’t available

An interesting and surprising fact, 90% of closes that occur from Opcity introductions are not on the consumer’s original inquiry.

Often times consumers will browse the web for homes in their area, find a property they like, and submit their information. However, once they are connected to an agent and really start looking and seeing what else is out there…..

A few tips to navigating the conversation when the consumer’s desired listing is not available:

  • Have the MLS open when you receive the introductory call: This will help you quickly find the status of the listing the consumer has inquired about, as well as other similar homes in the area that you can recommend.
  • Let them know that this is normal. We don’t want the consumer to be discouraged before they even start. Like we mentioned, most closes do not occur on the original inquiry, so reassure them that you’re here to help them find their perfect home.
  • Pivot the conversation to identify what they loved about the initial house. This will help you identify other houses in the same area and price point that will be a good fit for them.

Here is an outline of how a call might go when the desired listing is not available. Feel free to use this language when speaking with clients you meet through Opcity, and make it your own as you get more comfortable with the handoff.

Hi ,

It’s great to speak with you again!

Unfortunately, the home you initially inquired about is no longer available. The housing market changes so often. Don’t worry though! I am very familiar with several other similar properties in the area; I know we can work together to find another property you love.

Besides the price point and location, tell me what else you really liked about the original property?

<pause for consumer to respond, take notes on their preferences>

Great, thank you for sharing that information. I will send over a few other properties that might meet those same requirements, and if you like any of them, I’ll set up a showing.

I know it can be disappointing when the house you’re initially interested in doesn’t pan out, but it happens more often than you think. Once you start seeing what else is on the market, you’ll be glad you waited for the right one.

I’ll email over those listings shortly. Do you have any time to meet in person later this week to review the options? I’m free <date//time> or <date//time>.