Title Portal Updates January 2019

We've made some exciting improvements to the title dashboard. Watch this brief video for an overview of the changes.

You may have noticed that your Opcity dashboard looks a little different. We are excited to announce several changes to the dashboard that will make it easier to navigate, faster to use, and easier to see insights into your connections, introductions, and monthly quotas.

Here is a walkthrough of the dashboard. Please watch it to understand where the information has moved and how to use it the most efficiently.

We have consolidated the brokerage, settlement officer, and pipeline tabs into one view called “Connections.” We hope this helps reduce redundant information and allows you to view everything related to your agent connections much faster.

The key components of the “Connections” tab include:

  • An easy-to-navigate layout
  • Added agent homebase information
  • Note history
  • Ability to search and filter

The introductions page has been changed to “Pipeline.” Clicking pipeline will allow you to see everything relating to your buyer and seller introductions in one easy-to-navigate place.

The key components of the “Pipeline” tab include:

  • Improved design and layout of information
  • Quick filters with count totals for each client status that is set by the agent status
  • Ability to search and filter by additional client, marketing, and inquiry information
  • Added agent detail information in the CSV download
  • Note history

And for managers, we have introduced a new Dashboard that allows your to view your total quota, individual packages, billing details, how many connections and introductions that are owed to you, along with insights and team performance history with Opcity.

For a list of common questions about the dashboard changes, please click here.