What Are Client Rewards referrals?

Receive live connections to ready buyers who are financially motivated to work with you.

What are Client Rewards referrals?

Client Rewards referrals are live connections to ready buyers who are financially motivated to work with you. These referrals receive a cash reward from Opcity when they close with one of our trusted network agents.

The Client Rewards program helps ensure your referrals will remain committed to you from intro to close, adding more predictability to your pipeline. Rewarding buyers also provides the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself, increase client satisfaction, and generate positive reviews about your business.

How does the Client Rewards program work?

The Client Rewards program offers a cash reward to buyers when they close with an Opcity network agent on properties over $150K. The offer is exclusively promoted to buyers in select markets when they inquire about a property on the realtor.com website or mobile app.

After submitting a property inquiry or choosing to connect with an agent on realtor.com, the buyer will be contacted by an Opcity rep within seconds to begin the screening process.

Agents are notified when they’re matched with a Client Rewards buyer and have the opportunity to “claim” the referral. The first agent to claim the referral “wins” and gets live-connected to a ready buyer who is financially motivated to work with them.

Once the agent and buyer close together, Opcity manages and distributes the reward directly with the buyer. The cash reward increases based on the price of the home, as shown on the table below.*

Opcity Client Rewards

*Note: These are estimated cash rewards based on specific price tiers. The actual payout to buyers will be .3% of the home price. Download table here.

Who is providing the cash reward to consumers?

The cash reward is managed and distributed by Opcity. Neither brokers nor agents will be responsible for providing a direct financial incentive to home buyers as part of the Client Rewards referral program.

Which agents are eligible to receive Client Rewards referrals?

Client Rewards referrals will be limited to Opcity network agents operating in select test markets.

What makes a consumer eligible for the Client Rewards offer?

  • The consumer must submit a property inquiry on the realtor.com website or mobile app
  • Consumer must be actively looking in a Rewards-eligible market (buyer agrees to be introduced to an agent that is available to work a Rewards-eligible area, or, is currently assigned to an agent in a Rewards-eligible area)
  • The consumer must close with the assigned Opcity agent
  • The transaction must close for at least $150K to qualify for the program
  • At this time, the Client Rewards program is applicable to buyers only
  • Only one cash reward per consumer is permitted

How will agents be notified of Client Rewards referrals?

Client Rewards referrals will be matched with participating agents who are well suited to work the referral, and routed through Opcity’s dispatch process. Referral notifications will include Client Rewards branding and program details to ensure agents can easily identify this new referral type.

Will Client Rewards referrals impact Opcity fees?

Client Rewards referrals are available at no upfront cost; brokerages pay only on closed transactions, meaning our business model is aligned with our partners’ success.

All Client Rewards will be managed and distributed by Opcity. As such, referral fees may be subject to change. Please speak with your broker if you have any questions regarding commission income related to Client Rewards referrals.

Brokers will be emailed a copy of the referral agreement upon assignment of a Client Rewards referral and should be able to answer all of your questions. Brokers can also access a copy of the referral agreement in the Opcity Broker Portal under the "Referrals" tab.

Will Client Rewards need to be disclosed to mortgage lenders?

Agents will need to disclose buyer eligibility for Client Rewards to the buyer’s mortgage lender. To help with this process, we’ll send agents an email after they’ve claimed each Client Rewards referral that includes a link to the lender disclosure. This document includes general program information and fields for the assigned agent to include basic information before sending to the lender.

For additional questions, please contact: agentcashback@realtor.com