What's in it for my new agents? What's in it for my brokerage?

Opcity has historically required a significant transaction history for participating agents - 7 transactions or $2 million in volume.  The Emerging Agent program offers those agents the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, within the Opcity platform.

How Emerging Benefits your Agents...

  • An opportunity for your motivated agents to build their sphere
  • Buyer and Seller referrals that can help your agent build their reputation
  • Opcity’s simple CRM provides a great way for the agent to learn how to succeed with online referrals with zero up-front cost.

How Emerging Benefits the Brokerage...

  • A no-risk way of training agents that are earlier in their career
  • An excellent recruiting/retention tool for high potential agents
  • Earn additional revenue from clients that your more experienced agents would pass on