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What's the difference between a live transfer and a warm connection?

The majority of the time, loan officers will be introduced to leads via a Live Transfer. Live Transfers occur when Opcity successfully screens a client to speak with a loan officer. A text messages is sent to one loan officer with a clickable link to claim the live transfer. If the lead has not been won after seven seconds, the link is texted to another loan officer and so forth until a loan officer clicks the “click-to-claim” link.

You will be notified if you have won the live transfer and you will receive a phone call (usually within one minute) from Opcity to be introduced to the client.

If a lead isn't connected to a lender via Live Transfer, our team will assign the lead to a loan officer and scheduled time for the loan officer to call the lead - called a Warm Connection.

Warm Connections occur when:

  1. The client wants to speak to a lender in the Opcity network but does not have time at that particular moment. 
  2. Opcity attempts to make a Live Transfer but no lender partners are available.
  3. A real estate agent requests an Opcity lender introduction for a lead in their portal.