Why am I not receiving leads?

While it's difficult to say specifically what points could be affecting the volume or rate at which leads are being sent to you, we can say that, as that determination is performed by the algorithm, it's done as thoroughly and fairly as possible.

We hold ourselves to a very high standard in terms of which agents we refer our clients to, and thus so, ultimately rely on our proprietary matching system to determine which agent is selected. For that selection process - and to effectively determine which agents are matched with which leads - the matching system's algorithm utilizes a combination of an agent's close rate, availability to assist new leads, ability to follow up with leads, agent settings (zip code/radius, client types and price points), as well as client feedback.

To improve your standing in the algorithm, keep your active leads updated and move them through the pipeline when you reach new milestones. To increase the number of leads with which the algorithm is able to potentially match you, be sure to review your settings to confirm that your lead pool is as large as possible. We recommend increasing the size of your service area, re-enabling disabled zip codes, and broadening your price range settings. Click here for more information on utilizing your settings.