Why do I Need to Update my Lead if There Hasn't Been any Movement?

Agents must update their leads at least once every seven days, even if there has not been any active movement with that specific lead's progress. 

Your Referral Manager activity is taken into consideration in our agent matching algorithm, so it is beneficial to you to keep leads actively updated. The matching algorithm determines the quantity and quality of leads you receive. 

If a client has become unresponsive or is no longer actively searching, here's what you can do:

  • Release the lead back to Opcity so we may follow up directly. This will remove the lead from your dashboard, and our team will take over client reach out. We recommend releasing leads that become unresponsive or are no longer a good fit. 
  • Place the lead on long-term hold, which will keep the lead assigned to you, but will switch the lead to where it will no longer require an update every seven days. We recommend placing leads on a long-term hold when you have a serious home buyer that has paused their home search for a short time (e.g., until after the holidays or until a pre-qualification is finalized).

Both of these options can be found on the "Update Status" page for each lead.